Ensure all instruments are only used for the purpose for which they were designed.


Clean and sterilize all instruments as soon as possible after use. Do not store damp instruments.


Stainless steel metal instruments are safe for autoclave machines,

unless they include 14k gold, or color coating.


Handle your instruments gently. Never drop or misuse them. Periodically check all instruments for any damage.


Always leave racks and ratchets (the spring in the nippers) open.


Apply machine oil lubricant if needed.

STERILIZE - Even though you are no longer sharing tools, you still need to properly clean and sterilize them. Ask your pedicurist to first clean them with soap and water, then dry and wipe with an alcohol pad when they're finished trimming your cuticles.


AUTOCLAVE - The machine used by medical professionals to sterilize their treatment and surgical instruments, The machine is expensive and the cleaning cycle is long, and for those reasons, you probably won't find a salon that either uses this machine or a company that provides this service for them. In the rare instance that you do, it is not safe to use for color or 14K gold coated tools.