about us

Donna Trimboli, the founder of Veraluse, wished that she had known about the risks before getting a pedicure a couple of years ago in her local nail salon. That was when she contracted a severe fungal infection in one of her toes that took 11 months of expensive laser treatments to cure. (See Donna’s blog to read more about her experience.) Since she did not want to give up her pedicures, Donna was determined to find a way to protect herself. After a long search, she realized there were no commercially available kits that included everything she needed to have a safe pedicure. So, after conducting extensive research, and harnessing the deep knowledge about cross-contamination gained throughout her 30 years as a highly credentialed practitioner in the field of aesthetics, Donna created her own pedicure kit. Her kit in hand, Donna visited several nail salons, where she was repeatedly asked by the other clients where they could purchase the kit. She also heard too-many-to-count stories from other women about the negative outcomes they too had suffered from pedicures. Realizing how widespread the problems are, Donna decided to do something to help—and Veraluse was born.